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Mardin, children among the decay of civilization(s)

I need a little more time to know for sure how I feel about Jerusalem, so I’m going to catch up on a place that definitely deserves more attention than I’ve given it.… Continue reading

Happy Eostre and Easter from Belgium!

Easter last year was dinner with (full-grown) family then a midnight flight to Nicaragua. This year is a little different, in one very large (and very small) way. A small smile keeps coming… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 3 of 3. The important part.

The first thing I saw upon waking was a stack of board games that were well-meant donations, though I can’t imagine any of these kids sitting down to a calm and orderly board… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 2.

After my lack of success at feeding little Mateo, I wasn’t sure what to do next…until the door slapped open with an explosive expulsion of tiny people, arms immediately going around K’s and… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 1.

Azogues is not in the guide book for Ecuador. A fifty-cent bus ride north of Cuenca, it’s a pretty nice place, judging by my minimal exposure, but I don’t think UNESCO is knocking… Continue reading