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Myanmar and America politics, only one we can like

“I think we should talk about politics,” I suggested to the table of tour members, bored senseless with the American conversation of what you do for work. “Oh, but wouldn’t you rather be… Continue reading

Sweaty streets and Chinese imperialism in Mandalay, Myanmar

I was in a bad way when I got to Myanmar, two years ago. Mental, emotional, spiritual, I was a wreck at every level of the human totem pole. In Mandalay I walked… Continue reading

Love for the old and the young, America to Myanmar, on FeelGood Friday

Let me be clear: I love the 92 year old man. Born in 1921, Ronald Read walked to school every day, served in WWII, then worked as a janitor for 42 years, first… Continue reading

Is it weird being back in America?

“Is it weird being back in America?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. “Not…really.” Adjusting to Stateside norms was pretty easy; I did grow up here, after all. I can handle… Continue reading

Pictures from a walk in Myanmar

There is a famous trek from the town of Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar. On my search for a haircut I met a tour guide who I asked about it. “Yes, I… Continue reading

My new old traveling partner

I was insanely lucky that traveling with K was not only doable, but actually an upgrade. It’s a rare thing to find a travel partner who doesn’t drive you crazy. On this trip… Continue reading

The temples of Bagan, whether you’ve slept or not.

Bagan is one of the four corners of Myanmar’s tourist circuit, and is arguably the most tourism-developed, since it was Bagan that people visited back in the era of the 7-day visa. It’s a plain… Continue reading

Shall I deal you in?

Computer problems escalate, so here’s the post I was going to publish my first night in Myanmar, before the street food pushed it aside. I forgot my anniversary. Over a month ago. But… Continue reading

An unexpected feeling as I sat on the Throne.

The second little bottle of shampoo from the hotel in Istanbul emptied much faster than the first. Must be time for a haircut again. Signs all over town advertise “The French Touch: Bakery,… Continue reading

An unexpected chance to get killed in Mandalay

My ride to the bus station in Mandalay, Myanmar, showed up 45 minutes late, unhurried and calm, and led me out front to our ride. One of the little motorbikes that zip everywhere… Continue reading