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Buckets of vodka and breasts like weapons

I was young until I went to Ko Phi Phi. I was young with cups of čai on Turkish wharves, and the same when I danced in Lithuanian discotheques. But faced with buckets… Continue reading

5 minute walk to reach Bangkok

The minds behind The Hangover II were clever. I don’t necessarily mean that in terms of content, since one could debate whether unknowing/drunken sex with a transgender* prostitute is a manifestation of the… Continue reading

My favorite menu

What the hell is a slider? Not in baseball, I know that answer, but in food. I thought it was a sandwich. According to my search on the interweb just now, it sometimes… Continue reading

Pics of my newest candidate for Favorite City: Kuala Lumpur

I stayed on Ko Phi Phi for two full days, three nights…and that island was dreadful.   Well, it would have been great when I was 18-23, then I would have fit in… Continue reading

Tiger Temple…oh, THAT’s it.

I counted 211 steps down from the top of the kitschy Tiger Temple. With a spackling of bird crap about every other flight of stairs, 8 steps per flight, that’s roughly 13 crap… Continue reading

Tiger Temple…is that it?

I felt like a jerk even as I asked the question. “How do I get to ‘Tiger Temple’ and is it worth it?”   I didn’t mean to sound like that guy. The… Continue reading