Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Love me them bus rides

First off let me say, if they find my body slumped over this notebook entry, dead with a big swollen knot on my back: it’s the wasp that done it. This big feller… Continue reading

And just that quickly

Did you figure out an answer to the question of how to be, how to help, who to believe and who to support? Me neither. But! The Universe provides. I’ve been in a few… Continue reading

Morning walk. Evening walk.

Buenos dias my friend! Where are you from, Spain? France? Ah, America, I lived in Maryland. I am a tour guide, have you been to the islands? The market? The volcano? Masaya? I… Continue reading

What’s this wet spot?

I need a shower. But first a quick blog. Made it to Granada yesterday with surprising ease. Only barely got lost finding the hostel (just overshot it at first by half a block)… Continue reading

Do I really have to leave Eden?

I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave Leon… I’m definitely sure I don’t want to leave Laguna de Apoyo. Monkey Hut, my hostel home for the last couple days. But I’ll be on… Continue reading


Jerry is my only roommate in the dorm looking out over Laguna de Apoyo. He’s a quirky fellow, mid sixties, sun-browned from dozens of trips in Latin America, and mentioned within a few… Continue reading

Leon to Laguna de Apoyo

Time to move on. I packed my bag (tidied really, I wasn’t there long enough to really unpack), said goodbye to the people I was just getting to know, and walked out. Nicaragua… Continue reading

Jenny’s choices

To be honest, for the first couple days I knew Jenny, I might have used the word “mousey” to describe her. She seemed to be in a shadow more often than everyone else,… Continue reading

International Haircuts, Part 8.

Hair cut country number…eight, I think. Nicaragua.I had Nepal’s barberji on the mind as I walked into PIAF Internacional Peluqueria half an hour ago. In the door, reading a newspaper in a florescent… Continue reading

Am I on my Trip yet?

48 hours before I left America I posted a facebook status asking what I was forgetting, then spent the next two days with my incredible family and friends. The ice cream was delicious.… Continue reading