Do I really have to leave Eden?

I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave Leon… I’m definitely sure I don’t want to leave Laguna de Apoyo.

Monkey Hut, my hostel home for the last couple days.

But I’ll be on the morning bus out of here to Masaya, where I hope to have time to wander around the famous market (even though I can’t buy anything), but will depend on the buses and on how my backpack feels on these sunburned shoulders I acquired. From Masaya I’ll catch another one to Granada, where I’ll meet up with an old friend.

I know approximately one person in Latin America, who lives in Costa Rica, and I wasn’t sure I’d have to chance to visit her. Life being a beautiful and bizarre thing, she was already coming to Granada today to renew her Costa Rican visa. Timing like that always makes me think I’m on schedule, in a grand cosmic sense.

Having something particular to head towards helps (don’t underestimate the appeal of meeting a friend on the solo traveler) but I am already starting to miss this place. So I’ll enjoy my breakfast, sitting in the chair on the left, although I think I’ll pull it back into the shade.

Stupid sunburn.