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Traveler medical conditions: SDS

A guy was selling toilet paper by the roll. Doing a steady business, too. Smoke from grilling tortillas was heavy in the air, even in the thick greasy exhaust of buses barely managing… Continue reading

Where do I go now?

Why do I feel so antsy lately? There are approximately 196 reasons, depending on how you count, but one stands out, and it’s time it came out of the closet. Nope, no discussion… Continue reading

What happens to men like Rudi?

Rudi worked as a truck driver for decades, meaning he was on the highways throughout the Sandinista-Contra years. In his mid-fifties he was laid off, and now no one will hire him because… Continue reading

Julie and Arturo

I gotta head for the bus station in a minute, but first I wanted to put my favorite French people on here real quick (sorry, Monsieur Depardieu). I met Julie and Arteur…Arthuer…Aurxtheourx… Sorry,… Continue reading

A quick game of catch-up…

The classes in Las Salinas de Nahualapa went pretty well. They were good kids, all very attentive, even taking notes for the most part, but getting them to talk was harder than a… Continue reading

Laundry first, then a siesta. Sound good?

(I forgot to post this one, it goes back in Las Salinas, before Isla de Ometepe and the volcano.) (That’s Neo the Devourer of Men, sedated by the heat in front of the… Continue reading

Can I interest you in a beer? How about a volcano?

When you go to Italy you really should eat some pasta. When you go to Japan you really should visit a temple. When you come to Nicaragua, you really should climb a volcano.… Continue reading

First day of school in Nepa-, sorry, Nicaragua.

I got up this morning when the heat went from pressing my skin to punching it. The rainy season starts in a few weeks, but for now I sweat. During the bulk of… Continue reading

Love me them bus rides

First off let me say, if they find my body slumped over this notebook entry, dead with a big swollen knot on my back: it’s the wasp that done it. This big feller… Continue reading

And just that quickly

Did you figure out an answer to the question of how to be, how to help, who to believe and who to support? Me neither. But! The Universe provides. I’ve been in a few… Continue reading