Julie and Arturo

I gotta head for the bus station in a minute, but first I wanted to put my favorite French people on here real quick (sorry, Monsieur Depardieu).

I met Julie and Arteur…Arthuer…Aurxtheourx…

Sorry, how do you spell “Arthur” in French? Nevermind, I’m in Latin America.

I met Julie and Arturo on the morning of the volcano hike (though I had noticed them the night before, cooking their spaghetti on a backpacking stove, like real backpackers, while I sauntered down to order a banana milkshake).

Julie was brushing her teeth above the bug apocalypse, and her eyes shone as she asked if I had hiked the volcano. (I soon realized that her eyes just always shine.) They were hiking it that day too, without guide, and would see us up there.

They are a hardcore pair, and we never saw them en route, but there they were at the big scenic mud puddle on top, relaxing in the sun, not looking particularly tired.

The sinks in the morning,
where we were brushing our teeth.

They are seven months into a thirteen month trip that will take them from Patagonia to California. They were the type of chill folks who never brag about their trip, but in legitimately linked comments I got the impression they’ve had quite a time.

Linked comments:
Me: “How was your guys’ bike ride today?”
Arturo: “It was very nice, beautiful. Difficult though, with lots of hills.”
Me: “Not too scary? No cliff edges?”
Arturo: “No, not really.” (While wearing that shirt in the picture, for the “Death Ride” in Bolivia.)
Me: “Not like the Death Ride.”
Arturo: “No, that was scary. We did it for my birthday.”

Unlinked comments:
Arturo: “These tortillas are good.”
Me: “Yes. You know who else likes tortillas are the drug runners in the Guatemalan border town I found myself stranded in, see what happened was…”

Unfortunately, they are headed north, while I am heading south, buuuut, they will eventually end up in San Francisco, so if any of you SFers want to give them your phone number/email and maybe get burritos or let them couch surf with you, they come with my fullest recommendations. (I am carrying a massive karma debt for all the hospitality I’ve received, so while I can’t pay it off myself yet, I feel a desire to facilitate other people’s payments.)

Oh, and Mom, I already gave them your number.