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Panama papered with money

Panama is a transitory sort of place, a door of sand and rebar where Pacific pressures seek Atlantic relief, South American impetus touches North American markets, and the West Indies just want to… Continue reading

Hemoglobin, non-terrorism, and adorable despite a little racism; in Panama City.

I was a happy little red blood cell. Biding my time before entering the veins of Venezuela, I was promenading through the pulse of Panama, crossing arterial roadways to meander beside the lymphatic… Continue reading

Lunch vacation

Today is cold feet and hot cups of tea. Now sit down and be productive, damnit. Sunlight is tapping on my window, impatient for me to finish this healthcare website business, a bicycle… Continue reading

Is it weird being back in America?

“Is it weird being back in America?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. “Not…really.” Adjusting to Stateside norms was pretty easy; I did grow up here, after all. I can handle… Continue reading

Making it to Cartagena.

Rudy is a fan of dawn departures, so as the sun rose we were pointed towards Colombia, engines humming, relentless and calm. The crossing would take a day and a half, most of… Continue reading

Andiamo a la African Queen.

The Cartagena heat melted all my words, which ran down in an inky slide into the off-gray mattress, perplexing the mosquitoes along the way, but here I sit in Bogota, the next chapter… Continue reading

Good morning, can I interest you in a transcendent experience?

I guess in love with it is a good way to start a day. Turns out breakfast on the Andiamo was whatever you could rummage up by yourself, and I wrapped the sublime… Continue reading

Crew and company on the Andiamo.

Our lancha (small motorboat) to the Andiamo was called “Fliper 3” which is a darn good stab at dolphin homage. As the rest of us gathered our things and paid for our Kuna… Continue reading

Panama City to the San Blas Islands

The boat I am no longer on is slowing its pitch and roll in my head, so I guess I can try this typing thing now…but I may need to take a break… Continue reading

Suddenly shipping out to sea tomorrow…

The plans are still evolving as I go. To get from Panama to Colombia there are three options:1: Fly. Expensive, quick, normal experience.2: Take a passenger-type boat. They stop in the San Blas… Continue reading