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Do not wail against the flow

I tried to manufacture “poetry” one time by google translating a couple sentences through a few languages and back, hoping for bizarre and accidentally artful articulations. I think I had the best results… Continue reading

I love this place…unless it kills me.

I have no pictures of it. The alley was too dark, and the only time I could see the piles of garbage rotting in the eternal puddles was when cars would drive by,… Continue reading

Monuments, funerals, and a flying disease wagon.

After the Air Force Monument we headed to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s. The statue is a stern one, and I felt it highlighted the severe nature of the struggle more than his compassion.… Continue reading

Humpback whale watching with Winston Churchill

Our first day in Puerto Lopez we met Winston Churchill on the beach. He’s a lean man with kind eyes, a ready smile, and a helluva sales pitch for whale watching tours, informative… Continue reading


Some mornings the staggering Beauty of the World leaks into the familiar environs of our apartment and provides a startling beginning to the day, complete with ill-advised attempts to photograph it.  (I have… Continue reading