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Quick break for a piece of Responsible Tourism.

I’m going to take a quick break from travel stories because even though I don’t take several showers a day and I’ve never played golf, I have been to one of the communities… Continue reading

A mountain and/of my socio-religious opinions.

I adore wordpress’s ability to connect people, and deeply appreciate everyone who reads the things I post on here, so if you get offended by (perhaps unorthodox?) religious opinions, maybe skip this one… Continue reading

Oh America, your scandals are so stupid.

Oh America, your scandals are still so stupid.  Congressman sends pictures of his junk in online flirting (god I hope “eSex” is not a word) and has to resign.  It’s just all so… Continue reading

I don’t understand how the Republican Party exists.

I don’t understand how the Republican Party gets more than 1% of the vote.  I dearly want to, but I don’t.  I understand why people would want lower taxes, small government, and a… Continue reading

How do you tell?

How do you tell if someone’s opinion is just different from yours, from when they are a cold, calculating, vile, Cheney-like human being? Today’s case: the people who say investing in Green Energy is… Continue reading