I can’t help it. When it comes to homophobia, a sentence or two just isn’t enough.

I try very very hard to respect the beliefs of others, and in most cases I succeed pretty well, I think.

I personally think there should be more limits on guns, but I can recognize the validity of others’ fears regarding a world where the government has all the weapons. (And I’ll avoid any more examples to not get off track.)

But I cannot respect the beliefs of hate groups, and to me it is clear that homophobia falls into that category.

I respect the Bible and that people hold it dear. That’s great. But to pick one verse out of the swamp of outdated sentiments in there, many of which are downright criminal in modern times, and use it to justify discriminating against people for being gay? That makes no sense to me.

(Have you eaten pork or seafood, done any work on a Sunday, or gotten a haircut? Do you think they should all be illegal?)

You can think homosexuality is icky. Sure. If someone ever tries to force you to watch gay porn, I’ll be right there to help you escape. But taking your unease and using it to inhibit, disrespect, and damage the lives of people who have done nothing whatsoever wrong to you or anyone else? Just because it gives you the heebie-jeebies? That I cannot abide.

I wonder how many anti-gay-rights individuals have set aside the particulars of this issue, and really honestly tried to imagine what it would really feel like for others to tell you that you are wrong for being the way you are. That you are not free to be with the person you love, and that society will not recognize your commitment to each other. To imagine all the hatred and bigotry directed at you, when you haven’t done any harm to anyone. Really tried to feel that compassion.

I didn’t want to get off track, but look, here we are. This is perhaps the single issue that gets me the most riled up. If you disagree, I can still like you as a person, and I would love the chance to have an honest discussion about this, but I’m not going to remain silent while my country betrays itself.

Chateau Haut GayI meant this to be a silly little post (giggling at a label no less) about how I don’t currently own any US Supreme Court justices, but K and I are trying to send out some subtle psychic signals to help them make the right choice, and having a heartfelt toast to equality, gay rights, and human progress.

And then I was going to tell you about how we somewhat set the house on fire while cooking a lasagna tonight, but I’m perilously close to 400 words, and I can feel your attention wandering.

Good night, good loving, and human rights to all.