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Change of plans, the Amazon will have to wait.

In Nicaragua I ate pork tacos and drank mysterious beverages out of plastic bags sold by vendors on the buses. In Costa Rica I ate wild mangoes basically scooped up off the sidewalk.… Continue reading

Anybody seen a trumpet-playing Mexican around here?

We’re sitting at breakfast yesterday talking to a couple from Ireland, and once I manage to drag myself above an animal level of delight at their accents, I realized that their words are… Continue reading

A nice day hike around Pokhara, Nepal.

The skyline above Pokhara is normally dominated by the epic snow and stone bulk of Machapuchare, one of those incredible Himalayan peaks that are unbelievably…themselves.  We caught a look at it one afternoon… Continue reading

First week in Nepal, Part 1

Well hello.  Alive and well in Kathmandu.  I like the idea of going two months without touching the internet, but here I am, and there you are.  How are you by the way?… Continue reading

First week in Nepal, Part 2

Given that the waterfall regularly closes down the road (there are basically only two highways in Nepal, one going NE of Kathmandu, one SE) so we realized that if we managed to cross,… Continue reading

Good to be back in Morocco

I fell, heavily, down the familiar tripping road of not-journaling on the Africa trip, and trying to remember something offhand before my wee netbook battery expires is fairly daunting…but I can remember last… Continue reading

Couchsurfing is the shit.

Humans are better than you are sometimes led to believe. When I spent a week in a religious community in May, the sad thing was their super pessimistic view of modern society and… Continue reading