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Sights, sensations, and allegations in Vilnius

I’d like to say my dominant memory from Vilnius was Uzupis, the bohemian neighborhood of the capital of Lithuania, the third and last of the countries I’ve visited from The World’s Ten Best… Continue reading

Where to go next? Ethical Traveler might be able to help.

It’s all a big search for updates, I guess. My computer wanted Windows 8.1, so that’s what I gave it. Now it can barely find the internet. What use is a computer without… Continue reading

Will the pattern be repeated?

I am a newly civilized creature from the hostel jungle. I walk around the more-than-one roomS of my house in confusion. What do I do with all this space? Anybody wanna couchsurf? The… Continue reading

Bored women, guns, and the company that owns you; in Costa Rica.

I walked up to the harbor in Paquera, Costa Rica, unexpectedly up to my dripping armpits in happy-grumpy-sweaty white people. Most had rented cars, but a few backpackers were sprinkled in, though somehow none… Continue reading

Captain One-Eye wants to show you something

I hear “yacht harbor” and think elegant buildings, fancy facilities, and perhaps a cravat or two, tied around the necks of pretentious men who call themselves “Captain” and yet still expect to be… Continue reading

What happens to men like Rudi?

Rudi worked as a truck driver for decades, meaning he was on the highways throughout the Sandinista-Contra years. In his mid-fifties he was laid off, and now no one will hire him because… Continue reading

5 minute walk to reach Bangkok

The minds behind The Hangover II were clever. I don’t necessarily mean that in terms of content, since one could debate whether unknowing/drunken sex with a transgender* prostitute is a manifestation of the… Continue reading

A Symphony of Corny in Hong Kong

I finally got to see a big dumb Hollywood movie the other day, and once I realized that the awfulness of Pacific Rim was exactly why it was AWESOME, then I enjoyed the… Continue reading

(If) another candidate, (then) more pics…

Well shucks. What to say about Hong Kong? I tried to explain a bit and it went on for a few thousand too many words. Suffice to say, I was impressed. Still not… Continue reading

Pics of my newest candidate for Favorite City: Kuala Lumpur

I stayed on Ko Phi Phi for two full days, three nights…and that island was dreadful.   Well, it would have been great when I was 18-23, then I would have fit in… Continue reading