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Who wants to go to Cuba?

That I was sitting in the restaurant, soaked to the seams, was not the surprising part of lunch. That it had begun raining as soon as I had to leave for a social… Continue reading

Would you like to go to the Ecuadorian Amazon…someday?

I remember the water. Everyone describes it as “dark as tea” but that’s the exactly right, water more saturated with tannins than your morning Earl Gray, so your swimming limbs disappear in an… Continue reading

Sights, sensations, and allegations in Vilnius

I’d like to say my dominant memory from Vilnius was Uzupis, the bohemian neighborhood of the capital of Lithuania, the third and last of the countries I’ve visited from The World’s Ten Best… Continue reading

Latvia, a second memory of an Ethical Destination

The two men could be twins, though they would have to be of the “long-lost” variety. One of them works in Washington, D.C. with all the other ambassadors, and flies out to San… Continue reading

Memories from one of the Ten Most Ethical Destinations

I came of age in a two week ceremony of illicit rum, charismatic tarantulas, and a desperate wispy crush on a lithe girl named Molly. She broke my heart with innocence, but still… Continue reading

Where to go next? Ethical Traveler might be able to help.

It’s all a big search for updates, I guess. My computer wanted Windows 8.1, so that’s what I gave it. Now it can barely find the internet. What use is a computer without… Continue reading