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I’ve been funding genocide

This is not a happy post. It won’t make you feel good. Fair warning.   If you have a mutual fund, you probably get proxy voting notices too. They want you to “vote”… Continue reading

Does altruism exist?

Is there such a thing as altruism? It’s an old question, with a contact high from so many dorm room debates and jittery after too much time in coffee shops, but I’m wondering… Continue reading

Can I ask you a question?

I’m not used to women in bars looking at me like I’m a complete a**hole. Truth be told, I’m not used to women in bars looking at me at all, but here was… Continue reading

Captain One-Eye’s problem with prostitutes

“We don’t sign contracts of any of that nonsense. Here, you give your word and shake hands. If you keep your side of the deal, no problem. If you don’t? Problem.” Saying this,… Continue reading