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Rocky Horror Acceptance Show

If I don’t clean all this uncooked rice out of my pockets before I do my laundry, will I have clean clothes and a snack when the washer’s done? And rice krispies when… Continue reading

Trick or treat? Or not.

Granted, I have no children. This places me solidly in the spectator box when it comes to child-rearing, but I noticed a pattern when asking friends if they would be giving out candy… Continue reading

How long until that grows out?

I got The Haircut again.   In Nicaragua, Morocco, and Myanmar I liked it, described it as “Much lighter, now I won’t sweat so much” and “my tiny shampoo bottle will last longer.”… Continue reading

Happy Halloween, spaghetti arms!

Spaghetti arms. That term stuck in my craw as a teenager. “I’m a runner, okay? Excess muscle is a detriment in this sport! Among my scrawny runner buddies I’m bulky!” That illusion lasted… Continue reading