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Discouraged and recouraged

  I knew right away that I wanted this man to be my mentor. It was just obvious. He had no kids, my father died when I was four, he was a legend… Continue reading

Why bother blogging?

I’m supposed to be writing a blog right now. Instead, I’m pretending to type while observing the hunched man across the communal table, who looks like Lewis Black fallen on hard times. His… Continue reading

Unfair advantages?

Looking at a few blogs while I chewed through my breakfast granola, I passed one that’s a series of photos from a lady’s day. (And if I’ve gotten confused and you/he is a… Continue reading

Why is my head so constipated?

The question, comment, or discussion will sound good in my head before I start, all the Spanish/Dutch/Italian verbs lined up obediently, but once I try to bring it into the real world? Nada,… Continue reading