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Nairobi and Naivasha

I made a big mistake. As soon as the hostel owner left me alone in the room with its low sagging semi-rotted plywood roof over the musty bed where someone else’s hairs were… Continue reading

Departure gates

Does anyone sleep well, the night before a trip? Even after a few of them, not me. Then startle awake with the thought of “okay, the day is here.” Those other ones were… Continue reading

Does altruism exist?

Is there such a thing as altruism? It’s an old question, with a contact high from so many dorm room debates and jittery after too much time in coffee shops, but I’m wondering… Continue reading

Where to find, where to miss, and how to kill the divine.

The coarse wool of my djellaba was scratchier than the sand blowing against my bare legs. Maybe the other way around. One does not customarily wear shorts in the desert, but I welcomed… Continue reading

~Guest blog from/for my friend Lisa in South Africa

Today I’m reblogging, but wordpress and blogspot don’t seem to allow cross-website reposting. I feel like the proverbial kid whose parents won’t talk to each other. In the summer of 2010, before I’d… Continue reading

Yikes, don’t read this one unless you are really bored.

I was lying in bed just now, full of that Thai food from the last post (the one with the red curry burps) and was thinking about regrets.  Or maybe Disney.  Or maybe… Continue reading

Border Crossing and Zambia

Traveling is full of different challenges from back home.  Taking public transport when you don’t know the language, the system, or any of the place names.  Bartering properly, which changes between countries.  Ordering… Continue reading

Near death experience on the banks of the Zambezi River

The word “soothing” is itself soothing; is that onomatopoeia? I guess that’s not enough for a blog post, so I’ll tell you about the time I almost died by the mighty Zambezi River.… Continue reading

Nurturing smiles

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me summarize the differences between the Zambian orphanage and the South African ones.  First, South Africa: Some of the boys, seeing me… Continue reading

Ithemba La Bantwana

These are the first three pictures I took in Soshanguve, the township outside Pretoria, South Africa where we did our volunteer work in July.  We had literally just stepped out of the car… Continue reading