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Travel Questions

Ah, the particular questions of traveling. “What should I wear tomorrow?” is rarely worth asking, even less right now so since I’ll spend the whole day in a chair. This won’t be that… Continue reading

Peru, why you no let me esleep?

Peru Peru Peru, why you no let me esleep mi amor   You know last night before departure it is not good for esleep I am too essited and the next Night maybe… Continue reading

Is it weird being back in America?

“Is it weird being back in America?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. “Not…really.” Adjusting to Stateside norms was pretty easy; I did grow up here, after all. I can handle… Continue reading

~Guest blog from/for my friend Lisa in South Africa

Today I’m reblogging, but wordpress and blogspot don’t seem to allow cross-website reposting. I feel like the proverbial kid whose parents won’t talk to each other. In the summer of 2010, before I’d… Continue reading

Dead people, and double points for the cockroach.

On our way down from the Sanctuary of Olon we stopped by the area-typical small cemetery. A scattering of low crosses, concrete shells in differing sizes (at least one with the regional soccer… Continue reading

Oh. David. Hello. Again.

What does the word “plan” mean to you? What sort of feeling does it give you? If you make a plan, do you expect it to happen? Are you annoyed or disappointed if… Continue reading

Bocas del Toro

Bocas Town was a sunburned and swollen meat market of westerners staying 5 days longer than planned, and fighting the righteous fight against the Panamanian law that even men must wear shirts when… Continue reading

My first Panamanian town, David.

Walking away from the Panama/Costa Rica border with a sigh of relief, I found a bus for the closest city in Panama, David. (That’s the name of the city, I didn’t forget who… Continue reading

Good morning Pokhara!

Good morning!  How did you sleep?  Did the Metallica cover band across the street keep you up?  Did the drunky voices under your window bother you?  Did the cockroaches disturb your rest?  A… Continue reading