Peru, why you no let me esleep?

Peru Peru Peru, why you no let me esleep mi amor


You know last night before departure it is not good for esleep I am too essited

and the next Night maybe fell out of the airoplane because I never find it


Window in Lima, backpackingFirst night in Lima it is okay

the backpackers they are loud and the bed it has more topography than canyon de cobre but I come close but maybe too essausted


Then I go to the beach and everyone is esleep good at la costa, but why the men they cannot whisper

Why they want to stand in the halls and in the stairs and shout because they are not esleeping

And what was this one short cold you give me that start with a sore lung then gets an itch then for an hour I cough the yellow phlegm that tastes like gross

No importa thank you for it is gone the next day but I am sooo esleepy


crowded beach, umbrellas, Peru

What better way to celebrate Lima’s birthday than by leaving it..?

And that night it is Lima her birthday and San Bartolo is close enough so all the music it is playing so loud it shake my window until 5:00 of the morning

And thank you that it two musics was because the combination was interesting so my right and left ears did no must listen to the same thing


Ah the siesta you let me esleep in the day oh so good oh so sweet oh so funny taste when I am wake up


Maybe that is why next night I am again watching the lamp outside my window and it watching me and neither he nor I are esleeping

Thank you for send the spider to my bed he is so small he is no problem we have conversation and I help him to fly out the window

Why the taxi man wants to put his car under my window and listen to his music so loud

He must like it very very mucho


And in Lima again it begin so good but you Peru you want to give me all the classic traveler experience

So you put the boy in the bunk below me with the early morning airoplane

And he is wake up sooooo early and is spending so long playing with his suitcase I don’t understand what he can be doing

Why his light so bright

Why he slide the suitcase across the floor again

Cuzco street llama says to take it easy with your teeth

Cuzco street llama says to go easy on your teeth

Why he hate his teeth and brush them like he is attack the enemy

Why he get in and out of the bed so many times while I lying there try not to become angry because then I am sure I am not esleep again

Why he wave his shirt like he is Spanish bullfighter why he no just put it on

Why people they are putting plastic bags in their suitcase to make so much noise when I want to be esleeping

Why he also is not able to whisper so when I go to make pee he say so loud things to me

He is very nice

He is very loud


And last night thank you for the company in the dorm

The Swedish they are very quiet and nice and the Australian he is weird and nice and the Brazilian he is muito amable too

But when he esleeping I think the Brazilian he is eating because his mouth it is making so many squishy sounds like he is drink his own tongue

Dead cockroach, backpacing

Fallen comrade in arms. Lots of arms.

Whatever he is eating it no agree with his estomago because he begin to fart like I have rarely seen

And I have seen many

The room it is so filled with these fart I want only to be washing my face

I think he kill the cockroaches with his buttbreathing


But now Peru Peru Peru mi amor I am in Cuzco

Here is no mucho air but maybe mucho esleep

I hope so

I have many mile to walk to get to Machu Picchu…