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Peru, why you no let me esleep?

Peru Peru Peru, why you no let me esleep mi amor   You know last night before departure it is not good for esleep I am too essited and the next Night maybe… Continue reading

Finally reaching 2014

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is a hellscape orchestrated to torture unsuspecting boyfriends (with sharp collateral damage for girlfriends), where the pressure to have a magical night is a self-sabotaging prophecy.   And it… Continue reading

Average thoughts in an unaverage (that’s a word now) land.

Mandalay….does not seem particularly ready for tourists…but I think that’s how I like it. And I…don’t seem particularly ready to tour…but I think that’s how I like it too. They don’t know what… Continue reading

Anticipation, back hair, and falafel in Amsterdam

It was a few degrees below zero in Toronto but I felt fine, and as long as I didn’t spend too much time in the shade I enjoyed my walks. It was a… Continue reading

How we barely avoided sleeping on the street in Ecuador.

We stepped off the musty bus onto the abused concrete sidewalk of the town of Canoa and immediately looked around for hotel signs in the dark. From where we stood, hoisting out backpacks… Continue reading

And just that quickly

Did you figure out an answer to the question of how to be, how to help, who to believe and who to support? Me neither. But! The Universe provides. I’ve been in a few… Continue reading

I just quit my job.

I was hired at a “medical research” company for a particular project to last 6-8 weeks.  Last week was #10, and we finished the main part, with an additional 2 weeks to do… Continue reading