Ithemba La Bantwana

These are the first three pictures I took in Soshanguve, the township outside Pretoria, South Africa where we did our volunteer work in July.  We had literally just stepped out of the car… Continue reading

65th Wedding Annviersary

Today I went to my girlfriend Katrien’s grandparents’ house because yesterday was their 65th wedding anniversary.  65 years.  (*Pause to think about that.*)  And they, being adorable people, and Belgium, being an adorable… Continue reading

Pilanesburg game park and "food"

Before starting the “work” in the townships we were treated to a weekend in the Pilanesburg Game Reserve a couple hours northwest of Pretoria.  It was my first time seeing the (as my… Continue reading

Marrakech nights

Morocco is hot.  It was hot when we got here, and it will be hot when I leave tomorrow.  It has not dipped below the benchmark 40 C / 100 F the entire… Continue reading

Good to be back in Morocco

I fell, heavily, down the familiar tripping road of not-journaling on the Africa trip, and trying to remember something offhand before my wee netbook battery expires is fairly daunting…but I can remember last… Continue reading

Hello from Pretoria

Hello from Pretoria!  I only have a few minutes before we head back to Ithemba La Bantwana, the daycare we are painting in Soshanguve, the township outside of Pretoria, but I want to… Continue reading

Crossing another border

I am in my twenties. By the time anyone reads that, it will most likely not be true anymore.  I think, according to the Popular Wisdom conveyed through our modern sages, like episodes… Continue reading


You’ve heard of the Templar Knights, right?  As just a quick summary, they were the most powerful military organization for two centuries of the Middle Ages.  They were founded to protect pilgrims to… Continue reading

Couchsurfing is the shit.

Humans are better than you are sometimes led to believe. When I spent a week in a religious community in May, the sad thing was their super pessimistic view of modern society and… Continue reading

More interesting than the bus.

Hey cool, I didn’t get ax-murdered. Always trying to save money (seriously, someone hire me…please?) and have interesting experiences, I decided to skip the bus from Santiago to Madrid and hitch-hike.  Don’t tell… Continue reading