Riding home from class again

Riding my borrowed bicycle home tonight was nice.  Since the October time change it gets dark early, and the coolness of day spreads unflinchingly into cold night.  This was one of those nights… Continue reading

Brussels Flea Market

Yesterday was a good day.  I got up at 2:30, morning still distantly in utero, to listen to the Giants win the World Series, which culminated at 3:30 just as the alarm was… Continue reading

Clearing my blog clog and seeing what comes tumbling out

Well I’ve certainly run out of blogging steam, haven’t I?  I suppose this is okay given that this was supposed to be a travel blog and I am not travelling right now, so… Continue reading

Back to school

It’s not really raining in my part of Belgium tonight. Just that pittering of tiny drops on your face. Cricket morse code, beginning tap dance class for lovable spiders, limited engagement precipitation which… Continue reading

How do you tell?

How do you tell if someone’s opinion is just different from yours, from when they are a cold, calculating, vile, Cheney-like human being? Today’s case: the people who say investing in Green Energy is… Continue reading

Amerikan Kebabologist Discovers New Species

Amerikan Kebaboligist reports discovery of new speciesBy Harvey von Nubbinbubbler, AP BRUSSELS – American Kebabologist Doctor Timothy Tendick is reporting in the current issue of the presitigious Kebablife Quarterly Journal the discovery of… Continue reading

Border Crossing and Zambia

Traveling is full of different challenges from back home.  Taking public transport when you don’t know the language, the system, or any of the place names.  Bartering properly, which changes between countries.  Ordering… Continue reading

Near death experience on the banks of the Zambezi River

The word “soothing” is itself soothing; is that onomatopoeia? I guess that’s not enough for a blog post, so I’ll tell you about the time I almost died by the mighty Zambezi River.… Continue reading

Nurturing smiles

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me summarize the differences between the Zambian orphanage and the South African ones.  First, South Africa: Some of the boys, seeing me… Continue reading


We got back from our time in Africa to find that a local Belgian paper wanted to do an article on us.  So we met with the journalist, gave him a few pictures… Continue reading