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Should I go to Venezuela?

Should I go to Venezuela?   The most volatile nation in South America, it’s on my List of Places Too Dangerous to Travel in Without Appropriate Precaution or Assistance. What, you don’t have… Continue reading

Back to Belgium, aka What’s the Atomium?

I went to Belgium for one reason. One destination: one town, one street, one house, one woman. Describing K, attempting to summarize our past, present…and future…would take a book. And this is only… Continue reading

(Mis)judgments in the Andes

The street dogs were humping outside the five star boutique hotel in Cuzco. I’d run out the door of my own funky hostel without brushing my teeth, but luckily the numerous (and bored)… Continue reading

Sights, sensations, and allegations in Vilnius

I’d like to say my dominant memory from Vilnius was Uzupis, the bohemian neighborhood of the capital of Lithuania, the third and last of the countries I’ve visited from The World’s Ten Best… Continue reading

Where to go next? Ethical Traveler might be able to help.

It’s all a big search for updates, I guess. My computer wanted Windows 8.1, so that’s what I gave it. Now it can barely find the internet. What use is a computer without… Continue reading

Pics of my newest candidate for Favorite City: Kuala Lumpur

I stayed on Ko Phi Phi for two full days, three nights…and that island was dreadful.   Well, it would have been great when I was 18-23, then I would have fit in… Continue reading

Tiger Temple…is that it?

I felt like a jerk even as I asked the question. “How do I get to ‘Tiger Temple’ and is it worth it?”   I didn’t mean to sound like that guy. The… Continue reading

Shall I deal you in?

Computer problems escalate, so here’s the post I was going to publish my first night in Myanmar, before the street food pushed it aside. I forgot my anniversary. Over a month ago. But… Continue reading

I enjoyed my Sri Lankan chemical burn

I still can’t access my pictures, and it seems a shame to tell you about Sulamani Pahto temple’s beautiful carved stucco artwork when I can’t show you…so I’ll get to this guy, who… Continue reading

Average thoughts in an unaverage (that’s a word now) land.

Mandalay….does not seem particularly ready for tourists…but I think that’s how I like it. And I…don’t seem particularly ready to tour…but I think that’s how I like it too. They don’t know what… Continue reading