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I have a problem from Baltimore

I have a problem with what’s going on in Baltimore. Because it’s important. The militarization of police is a problem, and I fear it when a culture teaches one demographic (defined by career,… Continue reading

Earthquake in Nepal, inevitable and unexpected, national and personal

Everyone knew an earthquake like this would happen and devastate Nepal. The geography and history made it obvious, inevitable. Who could look at those fault lines and think otherwise? . . During my… Continue reading

Gratitude and siblings

After posting that blog last night I went into the kitchen and started chopping veggies for dinner, and on the last cut of the onion sliced into my thumb.  Not too bad, but… Continue reading

Most of a lost post from Bhaktapur on teaching

(Doing a little house-cleaning, and too tired to write anything new, I found this post stuck in the drafts folder, from when the internet connection went out before I could post or finish… Continue reading


I just finished washing my windbreaker/rain-jacket in the shower with a heavy-duty cleanser.  Ever since the jungle, it’s never quite smelled right…  That reminds me, I never did journal/blog about that part of… Continue reading

Kathmandu’s Durbar Square

The Kathmandu Valley has three main cities, Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, though Kathmandu (KTM) has basically swallowed Patan.  They used to be rivals (after one kingdom was split between three sons) who competed… Continue reading

Last day in Kathmandu

The original schedule for our last day in Nepal was to get up at 4:00 AM to catch the morning flight to Bahrain for a 14 hour layover before continuing on to London. … Continue reading

Trying to drive myself away with bugs.

Sorry, I know my last blogs were about leeches and cockroaches, but I am sick of bugs (and I think subconsciously focusing on it to make leaving in five days easier…that’s gonna suck).… Continue reading

A nice day hike around Pokhara, Nepal.

The skyline above Pokhara is normally dominated by the epic snow and stone bulk of Machapuchare, one of those incredible Himalayan peaks that are unbelievably…themselves.  We caught a look at it one afternoon… Continue reading

Good morning Pokhara!

Good morning!  How did you sleep?  Did the Metallica cover band across the street keep you up?  Did the drunky voices under your window bother you?  Did the cockroaches disturb your rest?  A… Continue reading