No assassination attempts here, I’ll take a desk job instead?

My cut in Myanmar was the only one where I took pictures

My cut in Myanmar was the only one where I took pictures

I’m rumbling along, too vaguely happy and scatterbrained to have much on my mind to share, unless I go a little further up and get all literal on you.

It’s only been two months since the stern woman in Thailand mowed my head-lawn, but I was eager to try a haircut beyond the usual: make buzzing sounds while pointing at the sides and back, then point at the top and hold fingers an inch apart. I took a seat in a real-deal modern hairdresser’s chair, hardwood floors under orange and green-accented walls, and Bobbi asked what I wanted. Oh. Um. If not The Usual, then what? “You don’t even know, you gonna leave it up to me,” he said.

Bobbi reminded me of another cool cat who had cut my hair so that was fine by me.

The other two chairs held women whose conversations revealed long-term relationships with their hairdressers. They talked about how the vacation to Mexico went, husbands, and a misadventure with some paint. I tried to chat with Bobbi, and told him about the chiropractic work that comes with a cut in Nepal, but soon enough the pseudo-massage of getting my hair cut lulled me into silence. I may be part cat.

The hypercolor zebra-print pants of one of the other stylists sent me on a psychedelic trip that ended when another guy came in and asked when Bobbi would be ready for his next customer. “In about 45 seconds, soon as I get Mr. Tim ready for his engagement.”

But there was one other thing. “I have a pet peeve against ear hair,” Bobbi confided, as he jammed the buzzer into my flappers, “It’s just a part of gettin’ older, we start gettin’ hair places we never expected to. I understand.” I admitted that I appreciated the help, it’s getting jungly in there in my old age.

Then we were done and he held up the mirror so I could see. To be honest I was looking for something a little more…exciting; I kind of feel like I’m applying for an office job. I guess that’s today’s lesson, if you’re going to have preferences, you have to figure out what they are, even if you are scatterbrained and happy.