Capitalism on the Camino de Santiago

Back in The Day when pilgrims were darn likely to die en route of disease, bandits, exhaustion, exposure, drowning, falling off the Pyrenees, or (my own closest hazard) sneezing until their brains liquefy… Continue reading

Entrepreneurship on the Camino de Santiago

There is a massive amount of business opportunity being wasted on the Camino de Santiago. Pilgrims generally start walking between 5:00 and 7:00 AM.  They are going to be walking all day, burning… Continue reading

Serendipity baby

This Universe is just too flippin amazing sometimes.  Of course things don’t always go well, but when they just fall into place…it’s a trippy sense of the Divine, no? Last night was the… Continue reading

Acabo de peregrinar.

Well shucks, man, I finished.  No more walking.  That is, no more Walking, no more pilgrimage.  This morning I woke up at 9:00.  9:00!  On a typical Camino day I was up at… Continue reading


Blech, I was trying to write a post about how business is contaminating the Camino, and it is just too wordy, so instead here’s a note about soccer. I don’t know if you… Continue reading

The Company We Keep

The formal Camino ends at the Cathedral in Santiago, but you can extend it to Finisterre.  From there you can further continue to the other side of the peninsula to a small town… Continue reading

The End of the World

I have seen the End of the World. And to be honest…it’s actually pretty nice.  Pretty severe, even harsh at times.  I was surprised by the number of tourists and the tables selling… Continue reading

Como se dice "squat"?

The Camino de Santiago is, among other things (more significant) a cheap way to travel in Spain.  The albergues (pilgrim hostels) generally cost about 5 euro per night, and often have kitchens so… Continue reading

Facing death by Beethoven and Babe.

I was singing the cheery song from my last post (the one about not dying from contaminated water) yesterday when I came upon another one of the tiny towns that dot the camino.… Continue reading

Today’s Deep Thoughts on the pilgrimage.

So walking the Camino is a form of meditation, and a great time for introspection, but I’d be lying by omission if I let you think I was over here pondering The Mysteries… Continue reading