I just quit my job.

I was hired at a “medical research” company for a particular project to last 6-8 weeks.  Last week was #10, and we finished the main part, with an additional 2 weeks to do… Continue reading

Well hello my friend.

Another Midnight post…uh oh.  But I kinda think I should put something else on here to move any mention of prostitutes further down the page (my girlfriend’s mom reads this blog, man).  Of… Continue reading

Man, I ate a lot of food today, or, where are the prostitutes? or, warning.

Are my blogs boring as all hell?  “Today I rode a bicycle home from work and it was cold.” Yeah. Not sure what else to write.  I want to interview prostitutes.  Is that… Continue reading

Yikes, don’t read this one unless you are really bored.

I was lying in bed just now, full of that Thai food from the last post (the one with the red curry burps) and was thinking about regrets.  Or maybe Disney.  Or maybe… Continue reading

So much behind, so much ahead

I turned 18 in the Bahamas.  And it was even better than it sounds.  I had been nominated by my high school English and science teachers to a scholarship program which sent students… Continue reading


Man, being a productive member of society sure cuts into my reading time. That was the realization I had as I put my immensely engaging book back into my bag on the train… Continue reading

A fine day for another multi-lingual argument over which country has the hottest women.

Movement is oddly effortless when it is raining.  Riding home from the train station I suspect the warmer air of improving the functionality of my chain and gears, and I wish I could… Continue reading

First week of class

New Dutch class!  Gone is the pint-sized Armenian in tall shiny leather boots, the crazy-eyed Romanian advising me to try killing pigs for a living, and the teacher yelling at us for making… Continue reading

First week at work

I am a liar.  I am being rewarded for it at work and I don’t think I am going to stop any time soon.  I only feel about 15% sorry about it. See… Continue reading

Coming home from work

It’s raining tonight. It’s usually raining here.  Especially at night. I like the rain. On the train everyone has their own something to read.  We sit looking down at our laps.  We don’t… Continue reading