Serendipity baby

This Universe is just too flippin amazing sometimes.  Of course things don’t always go well, but when they just fall into place…it’s a trippy sense of the Divine, no?

Last night was the World Cup Final, and my recent case of Spanish Futbol Fever had me stoked (if I can reveal my continuing low-grade case of California surfer slang).  Watching a soccer game alone is okay, but oh-so-much-better with friends.  The problem was, in this entire city I knew two people, and since they are always together, effectively count as one person with regards to likelihood of random encounters.

I wandered around the city all afternoon people watching, reading, and making a ginormous sandwich in the park with sharp sheep-milk cheese, fresh tomato, and red bell pepper while sitting across the path from a bench loaded with four nuns in beige robes eating ice cream.  It was beautiful.

But I didn’t see my friends.  It was getting kind of chilly, and since the game wouldn’t end until 11:00ish, I headed back to the place I’m staying to get my long-sleeve shirt.  Since the world is a beautiful and amazing place, on the way I ran into, yup, the couple I know.  They had a table with an extra chair in view of the screen, their Spanish couch surfing host was on the way, and suffice to say, I never made it back for that shirt and am absolutely fine with that.

I may have shivered a bit, but I had good Galician beer to drink, octopus to eat, and great company to keep me happy.  An entire city and I happen to walk right past their table.  Serendipitous, no?

And it gets better.  They were couch surfing, their host came by, he is fantastic, I need a place from tomorrow on, they are leaving today…  So now I am meeting the host, Juan, in the park tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 to move my stuff to his place.

I am adding Serendipity to my list of names of the Divine.