We got back from our time in Africa to find that a local Belgian paper wanted to do an article on us.  So we met with the journalist, gave him a few pictures and an interview, and received an email that it would be in today’s paper already.  Cool.

So we drove around town until we found the paper, and leafed through it a few times until we were satisfied that we weren’t actually in there.

Turns out a cop in Antwerp has been molesting children for years and the newspaper was putting all its energy into that instead, so we got cut.  Obviously this is FAR bigger news than our little trip but thinking about this commonsense ranking for a minute is…sad.

It is at least 100 points of Horrendous that someone would do that, and a bonus 50 points when it is someone in a position of authority we are supposed to be able to trust, whereas our little excursion is only maybe 10 points of Goodness.  150 far outweighs 10.

I just hope that one point of Goodness outweighs one point of Horrendous.

What do we really want to spend our attention on?

The article was edited down to an abbreviated form and posted on the website.  It is in Dutch of course, so probably of limited interest to most of you, but if you want to take a look, you can find it here:

(And can someone teach me how to do links on blogspot?)

And while I am splattering this post up here, and speaking of news and “news,” and if you have another few minutes before you go write an actual physical letter to a friend or family member, I think this is worth broadcasting: