Wait, what?

Okay, I want to go to bed but I just poked around blogspot for a second after posting that and found my stats page and there are a couple of things I need to mention before I can rest.
By far the most viewed post I have ever had is the Belgium vs USA fundraising contest, with over three times as many views as second place.  This is somewhat peculiar because there was so little there, and a tad embarrassing since the US got so badly beaten (a thousand more thank yous to everyone stateside who helped us!)
I have had exactly one pageview by someone using linux.  I want to know who it was and send them a Christmas present.
The fourth and fifth most common countries to read my blog are Russia and Ukraine, beating South Africa, where I actually know a couple people.  Also with enough to make the list is Bulgaria, with 19 views.  I now want to go to Bulgaria.  Either it doesn’t show all countries or my friend in Costa Rica was lying about reading this…Costa Rican friend, send me a message if you read this…
Finally, the search keywords that have lead people to my blog include “lastbussout”, which of course makes no sense whatsoever, a couple about vervet monket images.  And then there’s this one. “www;satanporno;be”
That was the thing that made me post this.  The only problem is I don’t even know where to begin to question where the f*ck that last one came from.
Okay battery is dying and confusion and bemused entertainment is voiced to the ether.  Good night.