Dal Bhat

I’m not even sure how to spell it, but I eat it for dinner every day.  Starting next week I will eat it for both of my two daily meals.  According to the 2005 guidebook I was reading, 22 million out of 24 million Nepalis eat it twice a day for their food.

Dal Bhat is a pile of white rice, dal (a lentil soup), with a small side (or maybe three) of any of several things, usually veggie curry, sometimes fried potatoes that only resemble fries in shape, stewed leafy greens, a little chicken, or some sort of fibrous shredded something.  You mix the various ingrediants together and eat them.  With your hands.  I haven’t touched silverware since beginning the program.

You scoop some of the soupy lentil broth into the rice, pick up a pinch of curry vegetables, mash it all together using your right hand and only your right hand, scoop some up, bring it to your mouth and push it in using your thumb as a lever.

As of now I still very much enjoy it.  Some of my colleagues are not so lucky; those who seem allergic to some ingredient are in for a rough summer.