A few transcendent moments.

I’ve had a few transcendent moments on this trip already.

-Wading into the volcanic crater lake at Laguna de Apoyo.

-Taking the canoe down the green tidal river through mangrove swamps from Las Salinas to Popoyo, coming around the corner to see and hear the Pacific rollers crashing onto the sand bar ahead.

-A roomful of young faces looking up at me and writing down the vocabulary I’d just put on the board; seeing them laugh while they played the baseball game we’d made.

-Swimming in perfectly chilly water beneath the waterfall two days ago, the calls of howler monkeys echoing down the canyon.

-The sound of surfing the waves of crustacean terror in Cabo Blanco.

-And last night, finding the rumored local eatery (called a “soda” hereabouts) with three great guys from the hostel, looking down at the entire fresh-caught fish on my plate and enjoying every delectable bite (though I still don’t get the fuss about the cheeks) then going out for a couple drinks with them afterwards.

They had met two girls from Iceland during the day, and two of the guys, the two Icelandic lasses, and I walked down to the nighttime beach to escape the music for a minute (the third guy was happily immersed in his game of pool). There being four of them, I was even closer to the proverbial fifth wheel than normally possible, and I quickly realized I should skedaddle, which I did, with a big smile on my face.
Back up the beach a bit, reclining on the sand and seeing the white surf froth in the moonlight, stars overhead, the silhouettes of these four fine individuals enjoying themselves in a game I hold only liberated affection for, since I no longer need to play it. I felt a surge of peace/love/gratitude for the moment.