More vomit, and a mystery solved.

I apologize to those with vomit-sensitive eye-stomachs, I don’t mean to include it so often on here, it invites itself. Yesterday on the bus from Banos (sic) to Riobamba, it invited itself all over the outside of my window. It wasn’t mine.

We got on the bus to find it stank of mildew and general staleness far more than average. The entire floor of the bus was wet, and no one looked happy with their transportation situation. K and I got on, taking the only open pair of seats, and as I sat down I realized why.

The previous passenger had (censored) for breakfast. I’m not sure where the bus started, but it must be far up a winding road, because by the time it picked us up there were more than a few people apparently feeling the motion. We started out, and even on those (presumably) mild roads we were definitely swinging around up there.

Five minutes in the older guy behind us got up and tottered towards the front, looking extremely precarious with his digestive integrity. I watched, spellbound, every step of the way, dreading the Summer Movie tradition of his spewing all over some poor unfortunate passenger, but he made it to the front and the bus stopped.

Enough of that.

We made it to Riobamba, where tourists come to start the Devil’s Nose train ride, which we are not intending to take, unfortunately. We walked around town and didn’t see a single other tourist all day until we went out for dinner.

Off to Cuenca after breakfast, a good 7 hour bus ride. See you there.

Oh, and after I posted that last blog I solved the mystery of whose feces I was smelling… Instant forgiveness.