Electrons on vacation, so the neurons went too

travel, Sri Lanka, EllaAt first, it seems like one’s travel computer going on the fritz on the eve of a trip would be a bad thing. It probably is. But right this second, the lack of current photos and presence of a few from last year are gifting me an unexpected return to the trains and misty mornings of Sri Lanka.


The pancakes on my plate somehow taste like string hoppers, the rice flour noodles that you swipe through curry with your right hand, and the mimosa in my cup is a shock when my mind is thinking about rich milk (chai masala) tea.


train travel photography, Sri LankaMy goal today is for my feet to take me everywhere I want to go, but that day was on a train, rocking through tea plantations, exchanging emails with new Sinhalese friends, and trying for a particular photograph, a person held mostly in focus while their surroundings obey the momentum of the railroad.


Actually getting the idea to work was irrelevant, beside the simple warm air joy of sitting in the open door of a moving train, gradually working my way through a paper bag of fried somosa-things with dried chili peppers.


train travel in Sri LankaMy computer might not work, but luckily my memory does.