It’s raining, and that’s good with me

japanese-maple-leaves-outside-my-windowIt’s raining. In California! And it’s so ineffably lovely that for the moment it’s washed away the sulfur stink of this presidential election. It’s even soothing the bleeding core of me where my foundation of love feels torn. My apartment today isn’t cold, it’s just primed for a blanket.


I’m about to go have lunch with my brother. A beer tonight with my fantastic neighbors. A housewarming tomorrow for good friends, and an array of good books ready at hand for Sunday. And in the moments between, when it’s pain and worry? Well, those drops can fall from me too. I’m not running from them.


can-i-offer-you-a-cuppaSo instead of posting the well-meant words of inquiry into how our country got so confused and divided, I’m just going to listen to the rain. Look at the sensation of green on every leaf in sight. Make another cup of tea.


I’m going to soak in gratitude. For the safety I feel, despite all the threats of violence this year from outside our borders and from inside a candidate. I’m going to leave my door unlocked today, because I can. (And even if someone steals all my stuff? They’re in a bad time, the world is a good place, and stuff is just stuff.)


water-in-the-gutterI’m feeling gratitude for the love I’ve found in this life. From family, friends, and a couple special women who walked with me awhile. Love doesn’t die out in me, ever, and optimism puts up a hell of a fight, so I’m going to let that feeling of bleeding inside feel like renewal, a cleansing, and trust that the future will bring me what I need.


I’m just going to enjoy where I am. This part of the world, this planet I adore so much, this town I call home. I’m going to let this rain feel like nourishment, for the soil and the soul. And I hope whether you’re under beautiful rain clouds or clear sunny skies, you’re feeling good today.