One more thing

I meant it when I said I’d rather not blog about corona (I have a number of Mexican stories I want to tell you) but after I posted that last one on facebook it became apparent that I need to take one more moment.

Because I adore you. All of you. The comments from friends made my eyes tear up with gratitude and affection. Talk about perfectly timed medicine.

In particular, former tour members and travel friends spoke up, and it reminded me of the incredible gifts of travel itself, and of my work as a guide. Both of those are on hold at the moment, but I assume I speak for the many when I say we are still committed to traveling, meeting new people, learning new things, and celebrating the marvelous human diversity that unites us all. When those gates open, we’ll be in the first pack, booking tickets and showing up with eyes and hearts open, undaunted.

So thank you, to all my friends, be they travel-folk or otherwise, and I look forward to seeing you out there somewhere soon.