Recommend: An Unstoppable Journey

I wanted so badly to post something worthy about what’s going on in my city, my nation, my soul, our countries. I started three different posts last week.

But part of this is responding to the fact that voices like mine, straight white American cis-males, have had the microphone far beyond their fair share. So I found a dozen different blogs from melanated voices to post. None of them seemed quite right, and I couldn’t understand why.

But I know why. I’m scared of doing it wrong. I’m scared that the infection of racism that got into me with my first breath in this country will seep and stink out in some way I can’t see. Fear of that froze me. I could tell myself “It’s better to try, and make mistakes, than not to try at all.” I could know that inaction and apathy are manifestations of racist privilege. But somehow last week went by and I didn’t click “publish now.” I was frozen.

But even dorsal-vagal-nerve brains like mine can eventually shift their lizard feet, and a quick read of An Unstoppable Journey got me moving. The style and sheer pizzazz of the posts already had me convinced, and the fact that she lives in my beloved Netherlands was just further confirmation.

(The author of An Unstoppable Journey, and a familiar bridge)

I’m doing it again. Talking, when I should be letting her do that. So I hope you enjoy her blog, and I for one can’t wait to take the Amsterdam tour she talks about in her most recent post.

Cheers and love to you all.