Daily shower: Reincarnation

Happy Today, everyone! (Whenever your today happens to occur.) Most of my energy these days goes to classes, taxes, finally leaving the apartment to go camping next week, negotiating a work contract for when I get back, etc, and any leftover energy goes to more formal/developed posts on my patreon blog. Who knew being mostly-unemployed and mostly-locked-down could be so busy?

But I miss this space too. Blogging generally feels like talking to myself in the shower (with the possibility of being heard by awesome makers in Maine or veteran travelers in Australia), but I still shower, and this space is still here. So let’s talk in the shower of today.

About, say, religion. Because why the hell not? (No pun intended.) Now, far be it from me to criticize anyone’s religion, because dear lord (no pun intended) what would be the point in that? But it confounds me that so many religions agree on a basic ethical foundation, and yet mostly miss a rather obvious point. Reincarnation.

Wealthy church in the wealthy hills

It’s a bit bleak to think Everything is just an accident of electrons and physics, and we are just snuffed and gone before long. Besides, while evolution is clearly logical and even observably true, it seems unlikely to be the whole story, now and then.

For example: the butterfly. Evolution occurs through tiny incremental mutations that are beneficial, and so get passed down, leading to eventual species divergence, right? Cool. Yes. But a butterfly starts life as basically a worm. Then it makes itself a cocoon, with its butt, into which it seals itself (the cocoon, not the butt), then its body basically dissolves into goo before reforming into an entirely, drastically, profoundly different creature. That flies. I don’t understand how that could evolve gradually. Did some prehistoric worm one day dissolve just a little bit and all the lady-worms were like “That’s super hot, let’s mate with that guy and see where this goes!” Seems unlikely.

So it’s likely there’s a cosmic presence of some kind running the show to some extent, let’s call it God. If this god created this world, then it’s worth looking at, right? Seems only polite. So what is Earth, fundamentally? Lots of cool things, but at its most basic level, it’s a closed system. Nothing (besides light and the odd meteorite to seed Bruce Willis movies) gets in, and nothing much gets out (besides Soviet dogs and egomaniacs’ cars).

Why on Earth (no pun intended) would Life be any different? Nature is the best teacher, and it’s been showing us variations of the same lesson plan since before we had eyes to see it. Everything is connected. Everything depends on everything else. Everything is made of each other, over and over.

Taking public transit generally involves pretending this is okay

This seems like a rather serious oversight on the part of most world religions (well done, Hinduism & Buddhism!) because even the most selfish businessman might think twice about hawking the environment for another yacht, if he understood that he was going to have to continue living in that messed-up environment. And probably not with as much birth-luck next time. So maybe investing in those coal-fired power plants in India…not the best idea, at the personal level either? And since quantum physics and conversations show us that Everything is not necessarily linear, then it’s not too much to think that our other lives could be happening right now too. So go smile at someone and give totally unnecessary positive customer feedback. You’ll appreciate it, your current Today, and your other Today too.

Anyway, this communication-shower has just about run its course. I feel much cleaner. Thank you. Say hello to the dogs and the sleeping babies, and be well, my friends.