Bucharest Gifts and Mailing List Debut

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Waffles and crepes for sale on the street in Bucharest, Romania
A fresh waffle or crepe is delightful on a chilly evening

Bucharest, Romania

It was one of the most exciting cups of tea I’ve had in a long time. Okay, the tea itself was pretty normal, though the mint was nice and fresh. But the conversation? That part was excellent.

I am in Romania to develop my tour, and was meeting with a potential local guide for Bucharest. I had my list of questions, but I had barely begun to ask them and she was already giving me great answers. When interviewing local guides, it’s important to think “this person knows their stuff” but even better when I’m saying to myself “I can’t wait to take this person’s tour!”

Then when I stepped outside, Romania had one more little surprise for me. Or rather, hundreds of little surprises, drifting down at their own gentle pace, tiny ice crystal packages wrapped in atmosphere made tangible. It won’t be snowing when I come here with your group (luckily for our driving days!) but it was another little travel pleasure for me to walk the streets of this storied city with the season kissing my cheeks.

Bucharest was a helpful stop, with refinements and upgrades, including a beautiful new hotel. Next stops: Sinaia and Sighișoara!

Neo-classical architecture in Old Town Bucharest, Romania
Neo-Renaissance is only one of Bucaharest’s archetectural styles