Back in Spain

My body is a carnival of disease.

Flowing through my veins are tetanus, diptheria, polio, typhoid fever, and yellow fever.  And a common cold.  And my foot is still sore.  It was a vaccination festival in Belgium…because we are officially going to Africa this summer!  And that.  My friend.  Is awesome.

But I will have to get back to that once I know the details to use while begging for your money…

In the meantime, I am back in Spain.  I am not sure whether to put an exclamation mark of enthusiasm after that or not.  Basically I should.  Spain is great.  It is nice to be able to (somewhat) speak in the native language again.  Buuut…I am looking for a job here, which is intimidating and frustrating, no big deal, and more importantly…I left Belgium.  Yeah.  I find myself sorely tempted to run back to the airport, sore foot and all, and beg to be on the next flight back to Brussels.

Instead…I’m going to go limpylook for lunch.

Arriving here last night was largely fun.  Familiar place names and sites, and a metro map I only had to glance at.  I am staying in the same hostel I stayed in a year ago, and it is very much the same.  There is still construction debris in the entryway (a year later!), the same drawings of naked muses cover the walls (it’s called Hostal Las Musas), and the entire staff still seems to be Argentinian.  I am even staying in the same room as both previous times, though luckily not in the same bed, because that would be too eerie.

Breakfast was still frosted flakes and wonder bread.  (Did they name it that because you wonder WTF it’s so white for?  I gotta go find me some whole grain loaves.)  The nice thing is that instead of three funky computers, at least one of which was usually broken, they now have six nice new ones.  This is good because it means you can check your email despite the small flock of Spanish boys watching the evening’s futbol match.  They do like their futbol here.

Okay, I was serious about that lunch thing, so I’ll talk to you later, eh?