Introducing USA versus Belgium fundraising race.

In the spirit of friendly international competition (I’m loving the World Cup, go Ghana!) I’m challenging Belgium to a fundraising race.

My unbearably lovely co-fundraiser has been making fabric flowers, which have been selling like hot-cakes.  I’m not so crafty like that (unless you want to buy a scarf or blanket in advance…which actually you can totally do…) so I am going to challenge her flower empire with my feet.

Over the past month I walked the Camino Frances to Santiago in northwestern Spain.  I covered 700 kilometers over the course of a month.  To be honest, I am exhausted.  My feet hurt, by body is worn out, and sleeping in is an abstract concept I vaguely remember.  But I am going to challenge Belgium, you, and myself to see if I can make it to 1000 kilometers.

Introducing: 1,000 kilometers to Pretoria.  If you think I can do it, and want to help me do so, you can email me at santacruzt@gmail to pledge however much you want.  You can either pledge to donate upon completion of the 1000, or for each 100 until I get there, or whatever you want.  If I don’t make it, you don’t pay anything.  (Of course, if you want to contribute normally, you are more than welcome to do that!)

She has been selling flowers for a little while already…but I think we can catch up…
Game on!

Oh, and here are a couple from the Camino…fairly randomly selected, more to follow…hopefully.

Entering Galicia, the last province of the Camino de Santiago.

The sunrise on the field where I spent the night a week ago.  That’s my bag and baston.
The view over Santiago, the Cathedral is the destination of the Caminos de Santiago.