A quick note on Africa projects and fundraising

We have almost made it to our first fundraising goal!  The de-prisonification of the day care and orphanage and supply delivery to the new center in Zambia are almost certain.  Thank you each and every donor!  You guys are fantastic, I really want to thank you all.

We are also working on additional projects to lend our hands and hearts to while there.  Maybe teach some English…take some soccer balls down so the kids can actually play soccer, instead of spending more time looking for scraps of plastic to wad into a makeshift ball than actually playing (until it falls apart).  And we are working on a puppet show and/or craft day for the kids the first day, maybe broach some serious issues in it, hopefully earn their trust and connect enough to enable Katrien to use her Social Worker education and skills to provide some counseling services…  There are a lot of kids in dire circumstances down there, and a talented woman like her can hopefully make a big difference; a single spirit helped would be a beautiful thing.

There is a lot to be done, and though we obviously won’t be able to do everything, your support has and will enable us to do more, so thank you again to each and every one of you who have contributed!  And to those who are about to!