Any computer wizards around here?

I don’t know much about computers, but luckily I know a little bit.

In college  used to know the keyboard codes to put accents over vowels and the tilde over an n. My fingers would do it automatically, and still, ten years later, 0233 just feels like an e, 0237 has something indefinably i-ish about it, and 0244 goes o! But on my trusty little netbook none of these worked, and when I looked in the character map, to my chagrin I found no sign of tilde’d n’s.

Last night I made a small cheritable donation through a secured website, then accepted that couchsurfing friend request that’s been lingering in my inbox for awhile, also through a secured website. Then I got an email from a friend with those codes for tildes and accents, and out of curiosity I tried them in an email. Unfortunately no effect on my netbook, but just to be sure I tried them in a word processing document too.

As I hit alt + 2 my screen changed to blue, saying “preparing for standby.” First time it’s done that, a tad unnerving. I woke it up from standby and it wasn’t running right so restarted it.

I entered my password as usual, then saw this:

Anybody know wtf this means? Help?

That’s as far as she goes. Rats.I don’t know much about computers, but luckily I know a little, so highly doubt pressing alt + 2 can kill one. Anybody know what to press to revive it? Anybody wizard enough to fix a computer in a different hemisphere?