Words didn’t happen in Iceland, but photos did

Iceland, fjord, highway, travel

Just going for a drive through the fjords

Iceland, for me, was a vacation from traveling. I had few cultural experiences there (one that threatened projectile vomit), met few Icelanders (guys in a bar explained how to avoid dating one’s cousin in such a finite population), and didn’t even try much in the way of new food (except the reindeer burger, which was de-frickin-licious).


This is just alongside the highway where I stopped to autograph a snowbank.


ice sheets on lakeshore, travel, Iceland

Lake ice pushed onshore

My normal travel routines and habits didn’t fit in the bag among all those sweaters, and words fell by the wayside. I don’t know where they went, but it’s freaking me out. No, seriously. But if images are really worth a thousand of them, then I’ve got a few million to share.


Stop by a lake, and the wind has pushed sheets of ice onshore. Cuz it’s Iceland, and they do things like that here.


Iceland travel machineryIf only I knew where to start. I decided to grab a couple to throw on here…and that was three days ago. How about this one? Why would there not be an abandoned quarry below a fortress mountain? It’s Iceland.




No? Then do you prefer a tourist destination like Gullfoss, the epic (yet strangely difficult to photograph) waterfall on the famous Golden Circle loop?

Gullfoss Iceland waterfall Golden Circle travel

Note the people on the point, for scale



How can going through these take so damn long? Can I hire an assistant to help? I can pay with…peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?


Or carrots? Anybody want to help me, for carrots? These guys would.Iceland ponies travel


Iceland is full of ponies. Would you be shocked to hear that they eat them? Then I won’t tell you. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you what else there is to eat up there…


But I will.