Photos from the accidental file

Spending all week talking about Europe, reminded of its innumerable beautiful corners, it’s slightly surreal and entirely energizing to swing by my computer for a moment and see the few non-European photos that snagged on here somehow.

Cuba, with its everyday character, a beauty nearly accidental.

A church in Bogota, unlisted interest, and the memory of gratitude for the guard who told K and I of the guys waiting to rob us down the street.

A chilly walk in Seoul a couple weeks ago, and finding the yarn bombs that have wrapped the trees in cuddliness. You can’t help but love people who do that.

And how else would you transport eggs in a motorbike land like Vietnam? You, that is. If I tried, I’d just need to be rolled in bread crumbs and I’d be ready for the fryer.

(click to enlarge)

Such a beautiful world, this one we share. Go see some more.