Today is the day

Today is the day. So long dreaded. An event, a future unknowable, populated by terrible possibility. Rank with fear.

Millions of people in this country (perhaps billions around the world) woke up this morning aware that today may well be a profound and irreparable shift. Fear. Hope. More fear.

I woke up today aware of another possibility. Today my mother goes in for heart surgery. She’s in there right now, as I tap this into my phone in a hospital waiting room. So yes, today is the day, long ominous on the calendar, with terrible possibility  lurking ahead.


Donald Trump terrifies me. He goes so far beyond merely unqualified as to be genuinely dangerous to the assumptions that have made my life a safe place.

But the brutality of this timing, inauguration and operation, is forcing me to remember the things more important than presidencies and politics. Family, the human spirit, the existence of goodness in our world and love itself, these are not susceptible to the vagaries of a deceived electorate or a megalomaniacal demagogue. And these things matter more.

I wish us all good luck and safe passage through the next four years, the next stage of world reality. And I wish us all an awareness and gratitude for the things that matter more than fear.