The problem of Trump

I just don’t know where to start. I wanted to begin with gratitude that tour guiding has introduced me to people who voted for Donald Trump and are fundamentally good people. They helped me see that not everyone who supported him was lacking in moral fiber. But honestly? That feeling is getting harder and harder to maintain. I haven’t checked if they can still stomach him because I’m terrified of what they might say.


Because few things are as obvious in life as the fact that Donald Trump is fundamentally an immoral person. Deeply emotionally unstable. And undeniably of feeble intelligence in all the ways that actually matter. I don’t say that as an insult, I say that as an assessment.


It used to be obvious that bigotry was not an opinion

We didn’t always have to explain that bigotry is not an opinion

He seems unable to find ways to condemn the bigotry of the Charlottesville marchers. I have the opposite issue. There are just too many ways to discuss how repulsive they are. You already know this, but if it’s as therapeutic for you to see basic reason written down as it is for me to write it, here we are.


Bigotry is just stupid. Unintelligent. Lacking in mental capacity. Grown in a dung heap of unadulterated ignorance and willful blindness.


“Jews will not replace us!” the idiots in Charlottesville chanted. What the hell are they talking about? No, Jews will not replace you (though we’d be better off if they did) because Jews, as all people, are just trying to live their lives. If they knew any Jews, they’d know that.


The same on down the line. “Mexicans are rapists!” can only be heard without mockery by someone who not only doesn’t know any Mexicans, but who lacks the ability to hold a coherent thought in their head. If they could, then they would see how utterly brainless a statement it is.

Bigotry is not an opinion

Same on down the line of his flagrant hypocrisies and stunning lack of comprehension of how government works, diplomacy works, economies work, humans work, handshakes work, how just about anything works except rapacious and immoral business practices based on exploitation and bullying people with less status.


I need to stop and breathe or I will fill google’s storage capacity with examples of how profoundly lacking in moral and intellectual competency our president is. Because I have a closer problem.


Next week I leave for Europe for my Autumn season guiding tours. I still hold my ethos of appreciation for differing viewpoints, and my dedication to respecting the opinions of others.


But supporting Donald Trump does not look like an opinion. It looks like a fundamental failure of human decency and intelligence. I’m not sure how to handle that. It is deeply important to me that everyone feel comfortable and welcome on my tour, deeply important, but if someone supports Trump, despite all this…. I just don’t know where to start.