I’m glad the alt right is coming to San Francisco

The white supremacist, with his full grown body, stunted intellect, and all the moral development of pond algae thinks that he is oppressed. He feels his heritage, status, and very understanding of the world are under attack from an ominous outside force. And know what gives me hope? He’s right.


Did you ever see that clip of a CIA veteran talking about how terrorists see themselves? Al Qaeda agents are amused and befuddled by our love of stories (Star Wars, Hunger Games, and a million more) where a small group of determined fighters resist the oppressive evil of a dominant power, because they say they (Al Qaeda) are the good guys in the real life version. The Alt Right clowns marching through our headlines are the same. They see themselves as the scrappy rebels standing up for what’s right against the evils of a liberal agenda that seeks their destruction.

Trump this will never be normal

They’re right about the destruction part, just ass-backwards about who the good guys are. They’re all revved up by a president who supports them in their war against all non-themselves, but don’t let the malfeasance of Trump fool you, these overgrown toddlers in combat boots are singing their own farewell dirge as history moves on without them. Sorry fellas, but all the tiki torches and polo shirts in the world can’t defeat human decency and the reality of love, the dignity of compassion, the invincibility of tolerance for all things that tolerate.


Liberty can

So we’ll let them come stomp around in the dog poop, clutching their swastikas, unaware of the irony th


at its Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain origins would actually offer them redemption and a better understanding of the world, then we’ll turn away and go back to our lives. We’ll meet friends, smile at strangers, and let the two groups merge, then all go eat something delicious and enjoy our beloved city by the bay.

Because they are coming to my town, to every town, hoping to provoke the grown-ups into giving them their photo-op (and believe me, I feel the temptation to give it to them, right in the teeth), but this city is so much more than a hippie cliche. The beauty (which escapes the chanting toadlings) is that humans all around the world are largely the same, but we’ll take the symbol of liberalism they’ve made in us, imperfect as we are, and let it shine.


San Francisco, CA, USASo yes, the white supremacists will come, people who can’t tell you what 10 + 2 is without taking off a shoe, then they’ll go back and we’ll go forward.


I love my city. I love my species. I love our future.