Would you rather…feel good?

The playground game was simple. Ask “Would you rather…” followed by two options, probably one that’s physically unlikely and one that’s gastronomically inadvisable. Both options were reliably horrendous. It was a “choose your torture” sort of game.


I have a different vibe in mind today.


Would you rather foster environmental sustainability or fight fake news? Say you choose the fake-news one, would you rather a game that trains adults to evaluate headlines or a program that does the same in schools?


Countering the oppressive weight of so many problems may be the main issue of our age, the zeitgeist if you’re feeling fancy. I know I blog about it whenever I’ve been in the US too long. (Sorry!) We all want to help things get better…but how? Wonderful people out there are doing fantastic work…how do I find them?

Luckily some of those wonderful people have helped with that too. This morning I signed up for SharedNation.org and good lord but I feel better already.


Every month they collect a magnificent array of organizations that make you want to skip down the street and have babies to enjoy the better future. For the first three weeks of the month members vote on 15 randomly generated pairings from the array, then the last week is a Great 8 tournament-style elimination bracket of what we’ve collectively chosen. Every option has a concise summary of the problem and how they’re addressing it in very specific and tangible ways. Just reading them is therapeutic.


The other problem with donations is how do I feel like I’ve made a difference? I’d love to fling $moolah to everyone, but rent’s due. Can I afford to be philanthropic? Shared Nation subscriptions are $2, $5, $10, or $20. At $20/month you’re a big spender, and all you have to do is drink one less latte each week. Eminently doable.

America Marches and hugs are good starts

Marches and high-fives are a great place to start. Now what?

The childhood “Would you rather” game had all bad options. This has all good. And I can’t wait to vote for the finals next week!


(And in case you want to be part of that too, they’re having a sign-up bonus this month that’ll give you the first month’s $2 free.